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Recycled boxes are a very important packaging item relating to retail marketing. These boxes are utilized for providing the best quality of material on demands placed for delivery.  Buy Recycle Boxes online at best prices along with:

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Recycled Boxes at cheap price in the USA by Wabs Print & Packaging


Recycled boxes are a very important packaging item relating to retail marketing. These boxes are utilized for providing the best quality of material on demands placed for delivery. A Recycling box is known for its rugged surface that gives good protection to your items. We are one of the leading suppliers in the USA to buy cheap Recycled Boxes in the USA.

These boxes can be customized in different options for easy handling with the string of your product. Sale your product proudly with the protection of such recycle boxes. The boxes which are produced with ecological biodegradable material, are known as Eco-Friendly boxes.


Most of the brands also Buy recycled Boxes


Feel the moment when you picked up your iPhone! Taking off the apparent PVC plastic sheet seal and feeling the sleek white box? By touching the velvety matte box for the first time you already felt the importance, quality & significance of this electronic device. This is no coincidence! Apple exactly strategized how they were going to pack their product to line up with their branding of providing top-of-the-product modernization & customer experience!

It is obvious that packaging plays an important role in the superficial value of a product. The packaging industry really changed too much in the last few years, as constant innovations made in portable technology. There are many packaging box choices available in today’s market, it often becomes more difficult to choose the most accurate packaging for your items. Let’s take a brief description of some of the different types of packaging options that you can use to enhance your product & customer experience!


Eco-friendly Boxes

The boxes which are produced with ecological biodegradable material, are known as Eco-Friendly boxes. The people who love nature and the green environment used this ideal box to save the earth’s environment. Eco-friendly box life is about 3 to 6 months and often expensive items as of standard boxes. These custom recycle boxes are best to perfectly pack your small and large products. The material used for recycling boxes provides strength, also gives an eye-catching look to grab consumer’s concentration.


Recycled Paperboard boxes

Paperboard is a Kraft paper material that is lightweight and strong. It can be easily slashed and manipulated to create custom design shapes and structures. These qualities make it best to be used in modified packaging. It is made by turning fibrous materials that come from tree wood or recycled waste paper into pulp and bleaching it later. Paperboard packaging comes in various quality grades, select suitable for different packaging requirements.


Corrugated recycled boxes

Corrugated boxes refer to what is usually known as Cardboard. Corrugated boxes are produced for the large shipping, shoe & storage boxes. Corrugated boxes also come in many types depending on the demand of the box. Corrugated consists of three layers, an outer layer, an inside layer, and a corrugated medium (known as fluting). The corrugated medium gives it rigidity and strength.

The raw material used for the construction is recycled paper, made on high-precision machinery. These types of board material can be used again and recycled again and again as pulp fiber. Corrugated boards are of various types like twin walls, triple walls, single-faced, and double-faced. The board is cut and shaped into many different sizes and forms. Corrugated board packaging includes retail packaging, pizza delivery boxes, fast food items, and so forth.

PVC Recycled boxes

PVC Plastic is used in a wide range of Packaging products, from paper clips to spaceships. A number of long-established materials, such as wood, glass, leather, ceramic, and so on, have already been replaced by PVC plastic. PVC recycled plastic boxes have more advantages in that they are eco-friendly, reusable, and are more durable than paperboard boxes. Air-free PVC plastic box packaging can help to preserve the quality of food and eliminate any infectivity issues. PVC Plastic packaging does not damage easily and can be stored with food under tremendous conditions. Another advantage why PVC plastic is the best choice for packaging material is because of its ability to visibility the product at any angle without opening the packaging. It is also lightweight, flexible, and can be applied with films or coating to improve the packaging look.



Rigid Recycled boxes

I am sure that you always wonder about the type of packaging box used for luxury items like iPhones, Apple gadgets, Rolex accessories, or other luxury retail items. You note that it’s a type of cardboard but weren’t sure because of its smooth velvety, durable, and premium look. This type of box material is known as a rigid box.

A rigid box is made up of highly condensed ecology paperboard material that is four times thicker than the standard paperboard and can be recycled. The easiest example of rigid boxes is the boxes that electronics devices hold like Apple’s gadgets, which are the two-piece setup of rigid boxes. Compared to paperboard boxes, rigid boxes are absolutely among the most luxurious box styles, and it’s more expensive than standard cardboard boxes.

The rigid boxes do not require dies that are expensive machinery and are often handmade products. These boxes are usually used in merchandising cosmetics, electronics devices, jewelry, technology, and other luxurious items. It is easy to add features such as windows, cover, compartments, and embossing in a rigid box.

Different designs are available at Wabs Print and Packaging to make your product more eye-catching and give a unique look on the retail racks and shelves. Our professional designer helps you to design the recycle box with the window pan perfectly according to your demand.

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