Cardboard Packaging Boxes to meet your packing Solution

Are you planning to move office, home, or want to shift your sort items from storage to somewhere else which could be in bulk quantity and you would be needing heavy-duty cardboard packaging boxes to store your items in order to load them for the move? Wabs Print and Packaging one of the Leading B2B as well as B2C suppliers in the UK, we use our knowledge which we gained throughout with experience to understand for meeting up your demand regarding packaging solutions.


Types of Cardboard Packaging Boxes for specific needs

Boxes made of cardboard comes in a variety of sizes and shapes basically it depends on your needs. The packaging industry relies heavily on cardboard packaging boxes and flat-pack boxes. When most people hear the word “packaging,” they immediately think of boxes. They are, however, more interesting as well as useful, and diverse than you might think. Choosing the right box for your storage needs is also critical.

Getting the right kind of box for your business can help smooth processes, protect your products, expedite storage and use branded postal boxes to send out your goods and create the right impression about your company.

Cardboard packaging boxes are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths which can be made of a variety of materials with methods depending on how they are going to be used. Sometimes individuals also face the issue of what types of tape and other fixings are needed to seal them and come with a range of inserts to allow for packaging specific items like bottles.


How to choose between Cardboard packaging Boxes

The first step in selecting the box for your job is determining which cardboard boxes would be best. If you’re looking for cardboard boxes for packaging and storage, single-wall cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping and storing smaller items due to their lightweight and low cost. When it comes to filing documents, our archive and removal boxes are an excellent choice.


Extra Layers of Cardboard boxes

For products that would be needing extra protection, our double wall cardboard boxes offer an additional corrugated layer to ensure that your items are kept safe. With this extra layer, boxes become even stronger that can withstand stacking and transportation while preventing your item from getting any damage inside, which gives you the option to maximize all your storage or transit space.

Whereas if cardboard packaging boxes are set to cover long-distance journeys, where temperature changes could also be an option as well as knocks of bumpy roads in between are likely to be experienced then heavy duty triple wall boxes will be most preferable for the best protection. The triple layer cardboard packaging boxes will works overtime to absorb anything that might be able to threaten your heavy or fragile items so it would be ensuring that your product makes its final destination in one piece.


Personalise your delivery with a custom size box

Wabs printing and Packaging always take pride in being a top cardboard packaging boxes supplier with a wide range to suit every packaging needs that our customers might have. As said Life isn’t uniform and neither our cardboard boxes. Whatever our customers would be sending, our team would be happy to create and supply you with a custom size cardboard box, making the entire process fast, easy, and tailored to you. For everything else, also check out our FAQs if you need answers to your questions.


About Wabs Print and packaging Cardboard boxes

Wabs Print and Packaging offer you a wide range of cardboard packaging boxes of various sizes which are all meant to meet your packaging demand, we trust in quality over quantity and satisfaction of our customers by providing them durable cardboard boxes because we understand how important it to use a cardboard box to package your products in. So choosing the right one for your storage, moving, or business needs will save you time and money in the long run. Investing in high-quality packing boxes that are customized for your company ensures a smoother process for not only you and your team but also for your customers.


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