5 Amazing Examples of Food boxes Packaging Desgin that Will blow your mind

Food packaging

The packaging for products plays a major function in attracting customers attracted to the product. When designing the packaging for a product, it is essential to keep in mind that it needs to be “catchy because the packaging that appears appealing draws the attention of buyers. The product should be designed packaging so as to stand out from the counterpart’s product. Packaging is an important element that is not the same as the one mentioned above. Packaging also is a major factor in the security of your product. The product you sell should not just appear attractive, but it should also be designed in a manner to fulfill the goal of protecting your product.

Making a packaging that is eye-catching way, is a challenge in and of itself? When a company is planning on creating the packaging or package for their product, they must take into consideration creating the packaging or box so that makes the purchaser makes a decision to stop by the aisle it is placed on.

You’re probably aware by now: The packaging of an item is the primary factor that draws the consumer’s interest to the brand and product. An attractively designed packaging draws prospective buyers. The more attractive the packaging will differentiate your product from the rest of the market.

There are many companies that create attractive wholesale packaging boxes for various businesses and brands at an affordable wholesale cost.

Let’s take a look at these five amazing designs for food packaging.


Minimalist Egg Box By Otilia Andrea Erdelyi

A Hungary designer from Hungary Otilia Andrea is the designer behind this simple egg box. Andrea as a student in the masters program taking classes at Moholy-Nagy University set the goal of designing a product using an minimalist approach. She designed the egg box with as little materials as she could, however this did not get to hinder security and protection of eggs from breaking.


Andrea’s comment ” I never thought about the design for the egg cage a lot of thought most likely because I’ve been living with the same cardboard egg crate design throughout my life. Being a graphic designer hate the expression, “if it ain’t broke do not repair it.”


K’a’se Stifte the Pencil Parmesan Stick

Is there a better method to sprinkle some Parmesan on your meals? This amazing and innovative agency located in Germany has just come up with this Parmesan pencil and an Parmesan sharpener, which comes handy in the box. The parmesan pencil is available in a beautiful package, with three different flavors and sharpener for pencils that work as a more substantial. The flavors include pesto, truffles, and chili parmesan flavours. The package also includes the scale printed on the back of the box and tells you how much parmesan is needed for the particular dish. All you have to do is grab the pencil, sharpen it onto your food, then have fun!

The anti-theft Lunch Bag

Did your lunch get stolen from school or from your office? Don’t fall victim to this now. The designer who is a genius Sherwood Forlee has found a intelligent solution to your dilemma. Forlee has created this extremely elegant lunch bag, which has green splotches both sides. If you place your sandwich inside this bag, it looks disgusting like stale mold bread. The bag provides your sandwich with an odor of fungus that keeps it from being taken. Even though these bags aren’t readily available for purchase. However, let’s pray that it is available on the marketplace soon, as the safety of sandwiches is the first priority.

Bla Bla Cookies

What’s the most effective method to avoid those who love talking, but not being rude is to give the cookies. This cookie pack was developed by students of Moscow’s British Higher School of Art and Design. This fun, yet imaginative packaging of the cookies enticed numerous buyers.

Pistachio Shaped Box

The stylish and attractive Food Packaging Desgin box of pistachios has been created by Maija Rozenfelde. The box is designed as a pistachio, giving it a modern and stylish experience. The customers of this box can also use the upper wrapping of the box for throwing the shells off.


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